Wouldn’t be here
If wasn’t there;
Roads far, near
Go anywhere.

Wouldn’t be who
I grew into
If I knew
What would pursue.

Wouldn’t be me
If could foresee;
Everyday reality
Doesn’t guarantee.

Your special voice
Results from choice;
Speak up, hoist,
Always rejoice!

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Countless Views

Is today a phase
We’re going through?
Will history damn or praise
Our point of view?

Conflicting views
Aggravate, confuse,
Berate, abuse,
Condemn, bruise.

Opposing beliefs
Quickly increase,
Create griefs,
Kills relief.

Deafening noises
Encourage poisons;
Deny choices,
Silence voices.

Today’s another phase
We’ll get through.
Brave the maze,
Find life brand-new.

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Balancing Man sculpture in Munn Park Lakeland, FL.


If I defeat
What’s flawed inside,
I’ll be complete–
Totally, unequivocally satisfied.

If I achieve
Today’s perfection outside,
Will folks believe
Or be mortified?

Life’s a mystery
Nobody figures out,
Joins joy, misery,
Certainty and doubt.

Don’t change yourself
For another’s view;
You only excel
By being true.

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I can’t compete
With wealth own,
I must retreat,
Live life alone.

He’s with you,
I am not.
Hope fell through,
Another dream shot.

Won’t hold hands,
Share a heart.
Won’t make plans,
Grow old apart.

Reached the end,
Wish for more.
Hard to pretend,
I still adore.

Must not lament
Over my scar;
Must be content,
Love from afar.

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Daily Sacrifice

You deserve more
Than crumbs tossed;
Help me restore
The soul I lost.

I don’t deserve
Your bread and wine.
How can I serve
A love divine?

Like a funhouse mirror
I’ve distorted an image.
Ran away not nearer;
Threw away a privilege.

I’ve squandered my days;
Ruined what was thine;
Ran from love’s ways;
Hurled pearls before swine.

Beat plows into swords;
Screamed the serpent’s tongue.
Wasted talents, cut cords;
Turned treasures into dung.

Reaped what never planted;
Ripped patches, split skin.
Took hearts for granted;
Twisted virtue into sin.

Your noble sacrifice
Made each day.
Is a price
I can never repay

Each day ends,
Brings another new start.
Please accept my amends,
An unworthy heart.

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Life Grinds

Life grinds
Everything down;
Slowly unwinds,
Knocks around.

Wears, tears
Beyond repairs;
Corrodes, erodes,
Quietly explodes.

Shapes, creates
Gradually eliminates;
Refines, purifies
Finally glorifies.

Life grinds
Everything down;
Love rewinds,
Circles around.

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