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There’s a light
We cannot see
Waiting to ignite
Releasing you, me.

There’s a song
We cannot hear
Where all belong
Ending our fear.

There’s a touch
We cannot feel
Lifting our crutch
Helping us heal.

There’s a place
That doesn’t divide
Overflowing with grace
Where all survive.

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Chasing after something
I’ll never find;
Each moment rushing,
Wrecking my mind.

Overwhelmed by doing,
Steadily whittling away,
Too much pursing,
Breaking out today.

Unwinding and unplugging,
Only pampering me;
Ignoring what’s bugging
Going be carefree.

Taking a walk
Without counting steps;
Losing the clock,
Forgetting what’s next.

Will eventually return,
Pick up the hoe;
Another lesson learned:
Gain by letting go.

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Maybe tranquility
Isn’t reality;
Beyond ability,
Without possibility?

Maybe harmony
Is absurdity;
Beyond certainty,
Outside normalcy?

Maybe serenity
Isn’t destiny;
Beyond tendency,
Only heavenly?

Maybe tranquility
Isn’t reality,
But compatibility
Promises probability.

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Wouldn’t be here
If wasn’t there;
Roads far, near
Go anywhere.

Wouldn’t be who
I grew into
If I knew
What would pursue.

Wouldn’t be me
If could foresee;
Everyday reality
Doesn’t guarantee.

Your special voice
Results from choice;
Speak up, hoist,
Always rejoice!

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Countless Views

Is today a phase
We’re going through?
Will history damn or praise
Our point of view?

Conflicting views
Aggravate, confuse,
Berate, abuse,
Condemn, bruise.

Opposing beliefs
Quickly increase,
Create griefs,
Kills relief.

Deafening noises
Encourage poisons;
Deny choices,
Silence voices.

Today’s another phase
We’ll get through.
Brave the maze,
Find life brand-new.

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Balancing Man sculpture in Munn Park Lakeland, FL.


If I defeat
What’s flawed inside,
I’ll be complete–
Totally, unequivocally satisfied.

If I achieve
Today’s perfection outside,
Will folks believe
Or be mortified?

Life’s a mystery
Nobody figures out,
Joins joy, misery,
Certainty and doubt.

Don’t change yourself
For another’s view;
You only excel
By being true.

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