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A Slice of Alabama Life

Format: Kindle Edition
The author takes you back to rural Alabama in the 1950s. It is a coming-of-age story set in the decade of Gunsmoke, Bugs Bunny, Patsy Cline and Elvis. A tale of two brothers. Billy is the teenage basketball star, and young Roy idolizes him. The story is not fast paced, but it immerses you in farm life of the South back in the day. You’ll get to know Dad and Mama, sisters Martha and Shirley, and Sam, the farm dog. It’s a Norman Rockwell painting come to life, one not perfect, but with all the normal stresses. I feel like I could draw that farmhouse from the author’s details. The highback oak chairs carved with leaves, the blue willow china. Although the novel only spans a few days, it’s not boring–there’s Chester, a boy not quite right, who chases the school bus on his bicycle. Dodo Bird, Billy’s friend, who brings Roy’s world crashing down. The school pictures that embarrass poor young Roy. The author has a simple writing style that brings to mind To Kill a Mockingbird. Northcutt Young’s punchy writing adds realism to this novel–and although it’s a tragic story, somehow you feel the family perseveres after all is sad and done. Boomers will reminisce.

Jan M
4.0 out of 5 stars
October 22, 2013
Format: Kindle Edition

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Life grinds
Everything down;
Slowly unwinds,
Knocks around.

Wears, tears
Beyond repairs;
Corrodes, erodes,
Quietly explodes.

Shapes, creates
Gradually eliminates;
Refines, purifies
Finally glorifies.

Life grinds
Everything down;
Love rewinds,
Circles around.

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In a place
Nobody goes
Is a grave
Nobody knows
With no ‘In Memory Of.’

A blank slab
Weathered and gray
People blab
About today
With no ‘In Memory Of.’

Unsaved souls
Inside holes
Outside the gate
With no ‘In Memory Of.’

What’s below?
Honor or shame
I don’t know
We’re all the same
With no ‘In Memory Of.’

The greatest one
Among those shun
With no ‘In Memory Of.’

God gave us
A holy plan
Love and bless
Your fellow man
With no ‘In Memory Of.’

One day we
May understand
Living free
Throughout the land
With no ‘In Memory Of.’


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Should have ignored,
Scrolled on by;
Waved the sword,
Voiced my reply.

Tensions escalated, agitated,
Muddied the bleakness;
Flustered and aggravated,
I sensed weakness.

Rhetorical, regurgitated rhetoric,
Blatant corruption, lies
Sanctified what’s degenerate;
Helped me realize.

Resist the bait;
Turns clear hazy.
Divided we deteriorate;
Comments confirm crazy.

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Mildred doesn’t think she’s holier-than-thou; she knows it. Her Second Blessing confirms it.

Francis Paul Day, an ex-junkie, is this year’s revival speaker. Mildred knows it will be a disaster. And to make matters worse, he has the same name as her dead son and is in love with her granddaughter! Mildred must keep them apart, but exposing him reveals a family secret.

Jonathan Swift said, “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.” Second Blessing ponders this truth.

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Agreeing to disagree
Seems to be
An exit strategy
For avoiding tragedy.

Selfish inflexibility,
Disguised as civility,
Would rather demoralize
Than attempt compromise.

An empty truce
That seems abstruse;
A handy cop-out
To toss about.

This tug-of-war ends
When both amends;
Together, not apart,
Begins a fresh start.

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My life’s unedited,
A symphony uncomposed;
Words without pages,
Chords missing notes.

Weak character development,
Rambling unresolved plots;
Predictable stagnant clichés,
Riddled with flaws.

Lip-syncing silence,
Shrill mute cries;
A caterwauling harmony,
Tone-deaf rhymes.

A rough draft
Nobody must read,
An original masterpiece
Written by me.

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