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I write. Remember making-up stories from spelling words in the fifth grade. A journalism degree followed. Thanks for looking.

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We carry scars Inside and out. Burning like stars, Stinging with doubt.   Some quickly fade, Others never do; A price paid For being you.   Blood’s been spill When right’s wrong. What doesn’t kill Makes you strong. John Northcutt … Continue reading

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Truth’s pieced Like a Quilt since Everybody lies.   Random bits Stitched together That protect And hide.   But maybe That’s the Only way Anyone survives? John Northcutt Young from The Complete Poems of BREVITY

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If you can’t love one another, tolerate. —-John Northcutt Young

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Today’s Poem

CAUSE AND EFFECT   You can’t feel love Until your heart breaks, You won’t soar above When your soul aches.   You can’t stand Until you crawl. You don’t land Until you fall. John Northcutt Young from The Complete Poems … Continue reading

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100 Poems

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The Complete Poems of BREVITY

Originally posted on BREVITY:
Enter here to win a chance for a free online copy (U.S. only).

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