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Closer to Mobile than Montgomery, wedged between woods and water, is a place nobody goes. A few homes, a church and cemetery scattered along a road leading somewhere else. Parents hope opportunity. They remember before it was paved. Now broken white and yellow lines on gray stretch up, down, around, away. Maps show a thread, Highway 59, emerging into a rope, Interstate 65. Travelers blurring through at night or without reading the church sign don’t know they’re seeing what’s left of a town. Those that do think they see a peaceful solitary country community, an actual Gone with the Wind Grandma Moses’ Hallmark card where everyday life like nostalgia takes time.


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C U B 4


digits, emojis, abcs

compose a code

an irregular ode

void of literacy

cursive, capitalization, punctuation

go old school

immediate mass communication

has no rule

how we connect

changes with time

words can’t reflect

your heart and mine

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The Autobiography of my Life

My life’s unedited,

A symphony uncomposed;

Words without pages,

Chords missing notes.


Weak character development,

Rambling unresolved plots;

Predictable stagnant clichés,

Riddled with flaws.


Lip-synching silence,

Shrill mute cries;

A caterwauling harmony,

Tone-deaf rhymes.


A rough draft

Nobody must read;

An original masterpiece

Written by me.

John Northcutt Young 

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Enter for a chance to win!

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092 (3)

We carry scars

Inside and out.

Burning like stars,

Stinging with doubt.


Some quickly fade,

Others never do;

A price paid

For being you.


Blood’s been spill

When right’s wrong.

What doesn’t kill

Makes you strong.

John Northcutt Young from The Complete Poems of BREVITY

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Truth’s pieced

Like a

Quilt since

Everybody lies.


Random bits

Stitched together

That protect

And hide.


But maybe

That’s the

Only way

Anyone survives?

John Northcutt Young from The Complete Poems of BREVITY

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If you can’t love one another, tolerate.

—-John Northcutt Young

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