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The Autobiography of Me

My life’s unedited, A symphony uncomposed; Words without pages, Chords missing notes.   Weak character development, Rambling unresolved plots; Predictable stagnant clichés, Riddled with flaws.   Lip-syncing silence, Shrill mute cries; A caterwauling harmony, Tone-deaf rhymes.   A rough draft … Continue reading

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My Poem

POLICY   What happens does No matter the plan. Starts and stops On it own.   We pretend To be in control, But nature Sets the course.  John Northcutt Young  

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Sunday’s Poetry Post

IRRECONCILABLE DIFFERENCES     Bonds are broken, Harsh words spoken, Nerves stripped bare, Ripped past repair.   Stones are thrown Leaving each alone. Doors slammed shut, Sacred vows cut.   There’s no crumb, Nothing but numb. Hate’s a feeling Not … Continue reading

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