Second Blessing

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October 27-November 3, 2015


Mildred doesn’t think she’s holier-than-thou; she knows it. Her Second Blessing confirms it.

She explains, “A Second Blessing is more than just doing right. It’s the knowledge that you are pure. It’s not thinking of yourself better than others, though you are, or showing it, though you do, since it’s as natural as breathing. A Second Blessing is a gift shared with prophets of old and yet to come. It’s not just having my name written in the Book of Life, but engraved.”

Mildred knows this year’s revival will be a disaster. Francis Paul Day, an ex-junkie, is the speaker.

“That heathen! Not only does he have the same christened name as my dear beloved son killed in Vietnam, but he’s obsessed with my granddaughter!”

Keeping them apart reveals a secret Mildred struggles to forget.

Jonathan Swift said, “We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another.” Second Blessing ponders this truth.




About John Northcutt Young

I write. Remember making-up stories from spelling words in the fifth grade. A journalism degree followed. Thanks for looking.
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