Behind Me

Had another pleasant surprise in my inbox today—Renovation is on Poetree Creations. Thank you.

My aunt inspired this poem. She’s in the nursing home with Alzheimer’s.

I can still see her finger motioning me closer to her wheelchair. Asked a question, “just between you and me.”

“Why do people hate?” 

I wasn’t sure what to say. This poem is my attempt at an answer.

Thank you, Aunt Jane. Sorry I didn’t keep our secret. But, maybe, if everybody pondered why people hate we would quit.


About John Northcutt Young

I write. Remember making-up stories from spelling words in the fifth grade. A journalism degree followed. Thanks for looking.
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2 Responses to Behind Me

  1. Jane says:

    Lovely news, John. Well deserved. I think Aunt Jane would forgive you and be proud that you revealed her words. Yes, why do people hate?! 🙂

  2. John Northcutt Young says:

    Thank you, Jane. When a post gets too personal, I worry about hitting the publish button, but a comment like yours makes it all right.

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