Behind Me

Will I sell a book today?

Maybe. Maybe not.

The odds aren’t in my favor. My books are drops in an ocean. Plus I’m an indie author.

Can see the eyes roll.

I published my first e-book over a year ago. Took some poems from my blog and put into book form. I see my poems as greeting card verse maybes, but some folks like them. I’m surprised and honored.

Short stories, novels, combinations, and a sneak preview followed. Got to do a public apology to Momma here. That last one contains wash-out-your-mouth words. Probably has her rolling in her grave. Hope she’s not accustomed to it now.

For years went the traditional route. Know the old joke about papering a wall with rejection slips? I was going for the house. And with life closer to the end than the beginning, I decided to throw rocks at the giant. No telling which way the giant will fall.

I’m sure my books are flawed. Sure that’s something a writer is not supposed to say. But the words and typos (hopefully not too many) are my own.

Will I sell today?

Hope so.

John Northcutt Young





About John Northcutt Young

I write. Remember making-up stories from spelling words in the fifth grade. A journalism degree followed. Thanks for looking.
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