Marriage strikes hope and terror in the hearts of woman and men. Should I or shouldn’t I? Do I want “happily ever after” or just good enough until something better comes along? Like all human relationships it is constantly changing.

I confess to making DEARLY BELOVED commercial (centering the story around a gay character having a mid-life crisis). Sticking in common issues (taking care of an aging parent, a parents cry for grandchildren). Trying to make light of a serious subject (the certainty of death). But things changed along the way. Donnie learns not to be materialistic.

Drag queens singing gospel help.

dearlybelovedfor headercover

DEARLY BELOVED is available in Kindle format and paperback.



About John Northcutt Young

I write. Remember making-up stories from spelling words in the fifth grade. A journalism degree followed. Thanks for looking.
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